Phillip's Story

Phillip Wolf is a Filipino-American hip hop/soul artist from Las Vegas, NV. Originally from San Antonio, TX, Wolf made rounds through classic venues in the Alamo city like the White Rabbit, and even made an appearance on the city's coveted Mala Luna Festival headlined by Travis Scott, before eventually resettling in Sin City. It was there that Phillip molded into the artist he is today, maintaining a melodic flow over catchy guitar rifts, but also channeling a heavy dose of soul. Typically a live show from him consists of a 5 piece band recreating his favorites for a new experience for any already familiar fans. His online releases like "Way Before," a collaboration with Ajax Stacks (Grand Rapids, MI) and hip hop OG Dizzy Wright (Flint, MI), has recently seen major streams since it's debut early this year. But "Autumn Leaves," a feel good collab with kidnamedcam (Oahu, HI) and Zhou (West Palm Beach, FL), has seem to have made a lasting impression. The infectious island pop/rap hit is on its way to eclipsing 400k streams after only 2 years of release during the pandemic in 2020.

In addition to on the stage, Wolf is a well known advocate behind the scenes in the city of Las Vegas. Getting his start with the Worldwide KNXN crew, an organization who's focus is to connect international artists with American artists, Phillip has reflected that concept, curating a number of platforms to not only feature talented artists, but to have a space for creatives to network. Recently, his team's event "Last Friday" has taken the city by storm, working its way through its 6th month and landing a Red Bull sponsorship. The 18+ event is a showcase that is open mic format and helps give aspiring artists a consistent form of expression.

Currently, Phillip Wolf is set to drop several singles and collaborations, including edm tracks, stepping outside his normal realm. Also set to drop in the Spring of 2023 is his second studio album.